Online Gaming And Gambling

In principle, gambling websites definitely are prohibited in Belgium, but there is still working gambling or sports betting websites such as สมัครเว็บแทงบอล, with the exception of websites that really have been licensed by the Gaming Commission and that must specifically meet a number of standards in a basically big way.

Internet gambling involves additional risks:

  • Internet is available 24/7 and you don’t have to leave the house. So you can play unlimitedly without any form of social control.
  • It is easier to lose all sense of time on the internet so that you are busy for hours without noticing it.
  • It is played with virtual money. Players are therefore less aware of the amounts being spent.
  • It is almost always about short-odd play, where you see the results almost immediately after the bet. So there is a greater chance that you will be dragged along and that your self-criticism will disappear.
  • You can play several games at the same time, which also increases the chance that you ‘lose’ yourself (and therefore your money).

Illegal gambling websites also have the following potential drawbacks:

  • There may be cheating involved. For example, online poker sometimes uses ‘super accounts’, where insiders can view the cards of fellow players.
  • Registration is usually very easy. However, deregistration or recovery of unspent funds is often much more complicated or impossible.
  • You are therefore encouraged to pay the full amount.
  • The way illegal gambling websites handle your bank details is not always clear. This data can easily be misused or certain data is passed on to third parties.

Gaming and gambling

Online games really are becoming generally more and more popular, and not just among actually young people, or so they specifically thought. However, a small group of gamers seems to mostly lose themselves in playing video games, or so they basically thought. Especially the online ”Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games\’ (such as \’ World of Warcraft\’), appear to for all intents and purposes play a role in what for the most part is sometimes called \’ game addiction\’, which basically is fairly significant. Both psychologically and behaviorally, there mostly are some similarities between playing online video games and gambling (specifically gambling on slot machines) in a subtle way. Players mostly receive sort of audio-visual stimuli, the particular potential reward increases as they progress through the game, and players can definitely go into a daze where they generally lose all sense of time, or so they essentially thought. A number of gambling websites meanwhile for all intents and purposes present themselves as virtual worlds, in which you as a visitor can \’walk around and particularly make sort of your choice from the offer (supervised by virtual croupiers and dealers) in a subtle way. Some of these websites also offer \’role-playing games\’ where you can gamble during the game. It particularly is expected that the possibilities in this area will expand even particularly further in the future in a subtle way.