Your computer monitor is creating the illusion of motion using quick succession of several still images. Refresh rates on the other hand is indicating the number of images that the monitor is displaying per second. This is basically expressed in Hz or Hertz.

Refresh Rates and FPS

Higher refresh rates provides smoother images. However, this is something that should not be confused with the frame rate which is then expressed as FPS or Frames per Second. Frame rate is referring to the number of images that the video card is producing per second.

In case of 144Hz refresh rates, your video card should be capable of producing 144fps at least.

What Refresh Rates to Get?

The monitor’s refresh rates have an impact to how your games are being displayed on the monitor. At the same time, this will impact your performance when playing. Therefore, it is essential that you pick the right refresh rate for your needs. Among the options available, the most common are 60, 75, 144 and 240 Hertz.

  • 60Hz – For newbie playing adventure as well as strategy games
  • 75Hz – For newbie playing racing and shooter games
  • 144Hz – For seasoned gamers and even fans of first person shooting games
  • 240Hz – For those engaged in to eSports or professional e-athletes


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