Enter Info

When playing in an online casino, you may have questions on what personal information is okay for you to disclose and what you should not. To answer that question, then you better keep reading what pieces of information is good to give.


It is normal among casinos to know about the person who wants to play in their platform.

Yes, there are some that allow anonymous players but with regards to cashing out or making deposits, they have to know about your legal name. This lets them to pay you and ensure that there are no lows being violated when making deposits.

Home Address

Online casinos ought to know the place where you live to process the cashouts and deposits. Many of the new casino players intentionally put fake address. This is alright if you have no plans of winning. But the moment you try to cash out your earnings, good luck withdrawing it.

Copy of Passport or Driver’s License

There are online casinos that will require a copy of government-issued photo ID on file primarily for anti-fraud measures and legal reasons too. A website that is asking for this piece of information normally tries to protect their players and themselves as well.