Upcoming Indie Games to Watch in 2024

Innovative and fascinating independent games keep coming out. Players looking for new and fascinating independent games can find plenty in 2024. Prepare to dive into some of the most anticipated indie titles that will make a splash!

The Returning Favorites

The following games are long-awaited sequels:

Hollow Knight: Silksong

The long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed Hollow Knight is coming. Hornet, Hallownest’s agile protector, will explore a fascinating new kingdom. Silksong aims to redefine Metroidvania with amazing graphics, intense action, and a gripping story.

Hades 2

The sequel to Supergiant Games’ breakout game Hades takes you back to the underworld. This roguelike dungeon crawler offers a new protagonist, distinct weapons, and a vibrant mythological setting to conquer that changes the format.

Indie Experiences with New Faces

These indie games are fresh faces in the gaming world giving bold and innovative ideas.


Enter a gloomy future in this side-scrolling action-platformer. R.E.A.C.H., a digital consciousness inside a human body, is the protagonist of Replaced. Replaced promises a unique and thought-provoking experience with amazing pixel art animation and action and puzzle-solving.

The Plucky Squire

In this cute action-adventure game, you play a teenage squire trying to rescue his kidnapped hero. A quirky art style and hand-drawn animation make The Plucky Squire a fun adventure involving exploration and hard battle.


There are many more great independent games coming in 2024. From long-awaited sequels to exciting new experiences, indie is creative. So watch for these treasures and prepare to be amazed by independent developers’ talent and passion!