Over time, video platforms have created, experienced and promoted numerous trends. Curious videos on very different topics have emerged, were popular for a while and then disappeared again into oblivion. However, some issues have been preserved and have become real constant burners. Some of these topics have even managed to create and keep active their own video platforms with and through their fan base. Computer games of all kinds are a good example of this. There are now several major video platforms whose content focuses on videos and live streams on the topic of computer games. There was Twitch, for example. Here you can either watch exciting moves in the video or even watch players travel live in some of the biggest and most famous video games and experience the game. The special appeal of the live streams is that you can directly see the human reaction of the players who are traveling in virtual worlds.



Another trend in this area is online videos and live streams of players playing games of chance, either recording their screen or watching their screen and player. HiClip has created some features for such videos. Such gambling videos from online casinos, casinos and live tournaments now have large fan bases. Here we present some of the categories of these gambling videos. At the Mirror, there are also some interesting casino videos to marvel at like those from Malaysia bet online.


The poker videos are, of course, the top class of gambling videos. In addition to the purpose of pure entertainment, such videos also offer the opportunity to learn the poker game or improve its knowledge. Live videos from real poker tournaments are the most attractive because you can see the different reactions of players to big wins and big losses, as well as the players’ legendary poker face. Videos of major poker tournaments have millions of views.



At first glance, of course, it seems boring to watch someone else play the slot. Nevertheless, videos in which players record their screens while playing at the slot in the online casino have many fans. Especially popular are the videos where you can see the player’s face. Here’s the interesting thing is that you can usually observe real emotions of the player, which can range from great frustration to endless euphoria. This allows viewers to get to know new slots and thus convince themselves that big profits on the online slots are really possible. For the player, the videos have the advantage that they generate an additional income through the remuneration for his videos, which can then be invested again in new games on the slot machines to shoot new slot videos.



In the scratchbellos videos there are two categories, each with its own fans. First, there are the scratch-and-scratch videos, in which real scratch cards are scrubbed. Especially in the USA there are many different types of these, each of which has its peculiarities and very different profit distributions. The player picks up as he scrubs up the lots and comments on the lots. Some of these video producers even receive new scratch cards by post from their fans and then rub them up in the next video. The second group of these videos show players rubbing up scratch cards in the online casino. These videos are very similar to the slot videos and have a similar number of fans. Watching the emotional world of the players during the game is also the special thing about these videos.