Sports Betting Legalization on Different States

In most countries, sports gambling and betting had been prohibited for years. Having this, the legality of gambling was left on the hand of the state government in which numbers of states turned to legalizing sports betting. It is only the Nevada which allow bettors to wage on several games based on the Supreme Court ruling.

Due to that, many states completely legalized the sports gambling. Numbers of states are also in line with the process of legalizing it. Lots of countries are implementing proposals for legislation that is a gateway to more sportsbooks.

Stand of Different States on Sports Gambling

Below is the list of some states that give their stand about sports gambling:


Sports gambling is not yet legal in the state of Alabama but they already proposed a legislation for it.

In April this year, the state introduced a bill proposing the creation of Alabama Sports Wagering Commission. This proposal look over the laws and policies of sports betting within the state. 


Colorado was the 19th state to legalize sports betting. And it was on the first day of May 2020 when various sportsbook operators permit residents to have online accounts and bet on.


Right after the Supreme Court laid down their decision after a month, Delaware acted to completely make sports betting legal. With that time on, there are already three casinos that started to operate sportsbook on the month of June. More so, the state is planning to add more locations and also operate via mobile.


The state also proposed a legislation about regulation of sports gambling last January 2019.


Late this year, sports betting and online games were allowed within the state.