Looking For The Kick In Gambling & Gaming

The sensation of endorphins coursing through your body can be downright addictive. This can also be reported by runners who regularly experience runner’s high when running longer distances. Even with video games, when visiting the casino or at the online bookmaker, people are looking for this kick.

When it comes to betting, it doesn’t even matter if someone is playing with an elaborate strategy that they have worked on for a long time, or if they just made a lucky guess and won. If you win, your brain rewards you with endorphins. It is a hormone kick which can activate real ecstasy. You can hardly find this feeling today, apart from betting games, without having to really make an effort for it. Because a visit to a high ropes course, for example, evokes similarly strong feelings.

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Betting is fun even if the bet is lost

Anyone who has ever observed themselves will have noticed that it is not always about winning.  The fun doesn’t stop even if you lose the bet. If you place your bets sensibly when betting, you can live through small losses. They’re usually worth the fun. Where does it come from?

Actually, profit is the factor that is rewarded with happiness hormones. This is where the near-miss effect comes into play. If, for example, you place a bet on football and the bet result could still occur just before the end of the game, excitement and happiness hormones will slowly set in. If the event doesn’t happen, after all, the fun and pleasant feelings remain, even if the result was sobering. It is similar to combination bets or bingo games. If all tips are correct, if all numbers fit and only one evaluation, one number is missing, the near-miss effect can also be felt. Even if there is no profit in the end.

Why is online betting so much fun now?

People enjoy deeply the fun of betting. They are not the only means to experience such moments of happiness, but a very simple one. Certain psychological effects make bets fun even when they are lost. Losing the stake does not mean losing the fun of betting.